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    NiFi Rest Api

    The Rest Api provides programmatic access to command and control a NiFi instance in real time. Start and                                              stop processors, monitor queues, query provenance data, and more. Each endpoint below includes a description,                                             definitions of the expected input and output, potential response codes, and the authorizations required                                             to invoke each service.

    OpenAPI spec version: 1.12.1
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from pprint import pformat
from six import iteritems
import re

[docs]class NodeEntity(object): """ NOTE: This class is auto generated by the swagger code generator program. Do not edit the class manually. """ """ Attributes: swagger_types (dict): The key is attribute name and the value is attribute type. attribute_map (dict): The key is attribute name and the value is json key in definition. """ swagger_types = { 'node': 'NodeDTO' } attribute_map = { 'node': 'node' } def __init__(self, node=None): """ NodeEntity - a model defined in Swagger """ self._node = None if node is not None: self.node = node @property def node(self): """ Gets the node of this NodeEntity. :return: The node of this NodeEntity. :rtype: NodeDTO """ return self._node @node.setter def node(self, node): """ Sets the node of this NodeEntity. :param node: The node of this NodeEntity. :type: NodeDTO """ self._node = node
[docs] def to_dict(self): """ Returns the model properties as a dict """ result = {} for attr, _ in iteritems(self.swagger_types): value = getattr(self, attr) if isinstance(value, list): result[attr] = list(map( lambda x: x.to_dict() if hasattr(x, "to_dict") else x, value )) elif hasattr(value, "to_dict"): result[attr] = value.to_dict() elif isinstance(value, dict): result[attr] = dict(map( lambda item: (item[0], item[1].to_dict()) if hasattr(item[1], "to_dict") else item, value.items() )) else: result[attr] = value return result
[docs] def to_str(self): """ Returns the string representation of the model """ return pformat(self.to_dict())
def __repr__(self): """ For `print` and `pprint` """ return self.to_str() def __eq__(self, other): """ Returns true if both objects are equal """ if not isinstance(other, NodeEntity): return False return self.__dict__ == other.__dict__ def __ne__(self, other): """ Returns true if both objects are not equal """ return not self == other